Because of the Blood

Just what is the basis for the forgiveness God has extended to us?  First John 2:12 tells us the answer…”for His name’s sake.”  In other words, God has put His Name on an agreement.  He has given us His oath that, because Jesus poured out His blood and paid the price for sin, all men are forgiven in His sight.  He has put  His Name to a document which says He has reconciled the whole world to Himself by Jesus the Anointed, and He is no longer holding anyone’s sin against them.  (Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-19)

Why did God put His Name on that document?  Because of the blood of Jesus.  God forgives our sin because He honors the blood.  He has said,  I will accept any woman, any man, any child from any place in the world regardless of any sin they have committed.  I swore it in the blood and I will do it because of My Name.

Considering our sin, it would be just for God to say to us, “Get out of My sight.  What are you doing walking in here wanting to be a part of My family?  Look at your mean, ugly self!  Who do you think you are wanting to come into My heaven?”

But, praise God, He doesn’t consider our sin.  He considers the blood of Jesus.  He administers justice based on His blood-sworn oath of forgiveness and, because He honors that blood, He justifies us by wiping out all our sin.  The Bible says He remembers our sins no more!

Let me tell you, when I sin there is no way in this world I would go before the throne of grace asking God to forgive me on the basis of how many years I’ve been in the ministry.  I wouldn’t pull a dumb stunt like that.  I’ll just go in and plead the blood of Jesus, because I know God honors the blood.

That’s where my faith rests.  I don’t have to wonder what God is going to do.  I don’t have to wonder if He will forgive me.  I know He will because He swore it in the blood of His own Son.

Pursuit of His Presence, Kenneth Copeland


“I Plead the Blood”

I went for years not knowing anything about the blood. I heard Pentecostal people plead the blood. You’d hear them all the time: ‘I plead the blood”. I could tell it was powerful, and I could tell they knew what they were doing, but I didn’t have the foggiest notion what pleading the blood actually meant.

I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection based on my background being American Indian. I should have. Indian life is based around blood covenants. They cut covenant. But when I finally did realize that God Almighty, in the blood of Jesus, has covenanted Himself to us…Man! I knew what those old-timers were saying and doing.

The devil has to respect the blood. When you say, “I plead the blood of Jesus in this situation,” that’s the blood by which the covenant was ratified, and the devil can’t touch it. There’s protection in the blood. There’s deliverance in the blood.

When you plead the blood, you have laid down your case and put your entire confidence on an oath that is covenant-sworn by Almighty God.

When Jesus took the Communion-cup in the upper room, He said, “Take this and drink it. This is the New Covenant in My blood, ratified for you.”

The blood guarantees certain things. It guarantees that every word in the written Word of God is a blood-sworn oath. That blood-sworn oath is an anchor to your soul. It becomes an inner strength on the inside of you. God is your Father and Jesus is your blood brother.   Everything that’s His is yours and everything that yours is His.

To be afraid to act or speak before you can see or feel something is to doubt God’s sworn oath, the Name of Jesus and the blood of the lamb.

Jesus’ blood shed for you obliterated your sin on the cross. When you received Jesus as your Lord, you took your place in your part of the new covenant and activated your freedom. And every time you repent of sin, it is destroyed forever and you are cleansed of its effect. That’s why you can walk free of condemnation.

If the devil accuses you, don’t walk in guilt. Guilt isn’t yours. You’ve been given freedom. When you feel like you’re in front of a judge and he asks, “How do you plead?” say, “I plead the blood of Jesus! I’m innocent of that.”

“Case Closed – lack of evidence!!”

Hallelujah! The devil has to honor the blood!

By Kenneth Copeland

Further Study:

Ephesians 1:7;  Hebrews 9:11-10:23