It Is Finished!

They are the three most important words you will ever read….

  • Three words that broke the power of sin in your life.
  • Three words that freed you from every bondage.
  • Three words that brought you into a new covenant with God.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve got to try harder or do better to please God, I want you to get these three words into your spirit today:  IT IS FINISHED.

In John 19:30, these are the words Jesus cried out on the cross..and He cried them out for you!

Because you’ve received the Lord and His finished work at the cross, there is now no more working to earn God’s favor.  No more sacrifices and rituals.  No more separation between you and God.

Jesus did the work neither you nor I could ever do.  His sacrifice guaranteed our righteousness before the Father.

  • His work is sufficient!
  • His work is a gift!
  • His work is finished!

So why do we still struggle with guilt and condemnation?  Why do we still try to earn our right standing with God?

Imagine this scenario with me…  Let’s say you have a service come and clean your house.  They clean each room from floor to ceiling.  Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows, scrubbing every corner and countertop – they clean it all.

Now, when they leave after their work is done, if you get out your scrub brushes and begin cleaning again, there can only be one reason … You didn’t think their work was good enough.  It wasn’t sufficient.

This is what man’s attempt at righteousness looks like.  When we try to clean ourselves up, when we try to be our own righteousness, we are saying the work Jesus did wasn’t good enough – that it wasn’t sufficient.

Rather than looking to yourself, look to Jesus.  Rather than trying harder rest in His sacrifice.

Jesus did the work.  You are accepted and approved before God.  His is sufficient.

Second Corinthians 5:21 tell us this:  “For (God) made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Notice where your righteousness comes from…it comes from being in Christ.

It’s not in your efforts.  It’s not in your abilities.  It’s not dependent upon your successes or your failures.

The perfect, finished work of Jesus had made you righteous!

And because of His finished work…  You can reign over addictions.  You have health and wholeness in Him.  You can walk in divine wisdom and favor.  You are forever accepted and approved before the Father.

This is not telling us to be lazy and do nothing.  But as you continue to fulfill your daily responsibilities, know that these blessings (and so many others) come as a result of you resting in Jesus’ sacrifice.

His shed blood speaks total forgiveness, righteousness, favor, healing, and peace for you!

Joseph Prince Ministries

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